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LosMmt2s Free Single released and album rereleased


Calico Jak release LOSMMT2S, the first single off their album “Ever seen a match burn twice?” as a free download on this Monday 6th December.

What does LOSMMT2S stand for? The first S is for Sex, and the second is for Satan, and you’ll have to listen to the song to find out the rest. Hopefully you’re sufficiently intrigued to do that…

The song’s theme covers the transformation of a rational, civilised man into a lust ridden, frustrated and obsessed beast (something that most Irish people of a certain age do every Saturday night), and comes complete with high pitched vocals, edgy guitars and some catchy hooks.

The free download of the single also includes a copy of the video, which uses a werewolf theme to mirror that of the song. You can watch the video at In addition, the download also includes B-side “Time to go” and 3 Live bonus tracks.

Calico Jak released their album “Ever seen a match burn twice?” as a digital download in January 2010, but have now re-released it on complete with extra bonus material.

The album features songs of lust, frustration, betrayal, suspicion and all of the other the consequences of life's nasty little tricks, fusing rock with electronics, heavy guitar driven epics with intimate ballads, throwing everything into the mix - from guitar solos to samples of the voyager spacecraft exiting the atmosphere.

Calico Jak is the latest project from Eoin Mac Ionmhain, also a member of country-space-folk-punk outfit "Patrick Freyne and his Bad Intentions", who released their debut album "Nobody Ever Dies" in 2006.

Eoin, along with Jack Cawley (also of Patrick Freyne and his Bad Intentions, Bitter Little Cowboy and Alison O’Donnell’s Bajik), Dáire Lynch (also of Clues lead left) and other collaborators is hoping to begin work on a follow up album very soon…


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