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Calico Jak - Biography
Calico Jak is a musical project of Eoin Mac Ionmhain, sometimes solo, sometimes in collaboration with likeminded folk including Jack Cawley, John Dalton (Arche) and Dáire Lynch.

Eoin's releases as Calico Jak are roughly split into two categories - song based releases are released as Calico Jak. The ambient/soundscape/instrumental/soundtrack side of Eoin's work is released as calicojak.

In 2015 Eoin released two collections of instrumental work - "Fallen Bough" and "Brokedown Chanter".

"Fallen Bough" is an EP of four instrumental tracks, completed quickly and capturing a distinct feeling in time. "Brokedown Chanter" is a collection of soundtrack work that Eoin has done over a number of years.

Eoin is also working on song based projects - including the long gestating "Last man on earth" project.

In addition to his Calico Jak work, Eoin has created and performed soundtracks for silent films "The Magician" (solo) and "Haxan" (creative collaboration with Jack Cawley and Kevin McGee). More information on this work is available at

In 2010, the Calico Jak album “Ever seen a match burn twice?” was released.

Eoin was also a member of country-space-folk-punk outfit "Patrick Freyne and his Bad Intentions", who released their debut album "Nobody Ever Dies" in 2006.

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