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The latest Calico Jak news

Album for sale!

Good news everyone,

You can now buy the Digital download of "Ever seen a match burn twice?", the debut album from Calico Jak.

Just move your mouse over to where it says "Music", and after a few clicks you'll be downloading it :)

Special price of €5 for a limited time only.


Balcony TV and King Kong Club


We're doing Balcony TV ( on Sunday 3rd Jan

We're also doing the King Kong Club in the Village on 4th Jan.

Come along!!



Rehearsing is underway and making good progress with Jack Cawley on guitar and Dáire Lynch on Bass.

Drummer still TBC.

Album and artwork are ready to go, so hopefully more news soon!



Fair City

Hey all,

All has been quiet on the news front for the last while -

But some news:

Calico Jak (myself and Jack) will shortly be appearing on Fair City.

We filmed for an episode last friday at Crawdaddy, and performed Shaving Cut and Glitter Down.

Not too sure how much of us will actually be shown, but looking forward to seeing it.

I believe it'll be broadcast sometime in November, but watch this space for a more accurate date!

Also - I've put more songs up on myspace, so check em out!

Lots of Love



New Calico Jak Website

Good News Everyone!

There's a brand spanking* new Calico Jak website, which will soon be filled with exciting stuff like free music for you to download, calico jak videos for you to watch, and other such exciting stuff. Soon you should also be able to buy some music and stuff as well, which is good. For me anyway :P

Mixing for the album, provisionally entitled ...ever seen a match burn twice? is almost complete, with mastering due to be completed within the next month.


Here's hoping all goes well

muchos kisses




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